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How to change the Contact Us and Meet the Staff/Faculty pages

Do not try to edit the contactus.php, meetthefaculty.php or meetthestaff.php files. They have code on them and if you delete that code you break the page.

To make any updates to these pages, you must edit the smccd-template-config.xml file only.

All the contact info is pulled from the employee directory database using the SMCCD email address as the ‘hook’. Please note that only addresses can be used.

Change the email addresses in this file:
edit the xml file
The email within the <staff> tags go to populate the Meet the Staff or Meet the Faculty page.
The email addresses that are within the <contact> tags populate the Contact Us page. 

The only way you can change these pages is to edit the .xml file.

Let’s go ahead and add another name to the Meet the Staff/Faculty page.
This is what it looks like currently:
edit the xml file
First, click Edit to edit the page. You will see this:

edit the xml

Now let’s copy an existing name. Highlight everything within the <person> tags which are within the <staff> tags:

edit the xml file

Copy and Paste to duplicate the entry. Now type in the new name (let’s use here):

edit the xml file

Save the file, and Publish. It will just look like code so to check your editing you have to go to your site and open the Meet the Staff page:

edit the xml file

Please note you edit the Meet the Faculty pages between the <staff> tags also, but you edit the Contact Us page by changing the email addresses between the <contact> tags.