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Buttons can be created by creating a hyperlink in the WYSIWYG editor. Next, open the advanced tab and copy the desired properties from the examples below into the classes field. Non-conflicting properties can be mixed and matched to make your preferred button type.

classes field in advanced tab


Normal Button  nu-btn

Small Button  nu-btn nu-btn-sm

Large Button  nu-btn nu-btn-lg

A Splash of Color

Colors can also be added to your buttons. The classes below can be added in addition to nu-btn-lg and nu-btn-sm. Note: nu-btn must be included for your button to work.

Yellow Button  nu-btn nu-btn-yellow

Small Yellow Button  nu-btn nu-btn-yellow nu-btn-sm

Large Yellow Button  nu-btn nu-btn-yellow nu-btn-lg

Green Button  nu-btn nu-btn-green

Small Green Button  nu-btn nu-btn-green nu-btn-sm

Large Green Button  nu-btn nu-btn-green nu-btn-lg

Black Button  nu-btn nu-btn-black

Small Black Button  nu-btn nu-btn-black nu-btn-sm

Large Black Button  nu-btn nu-btn-black nu-btn-lg