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Text Alignment and Indenting

All text is by default left-aligned

Please to do not use the left-align button on top of the default alignment. It adds unnecessary code.

Making text like this Major Subheading center-aligned

If you want to center-align the text (a better choice is a highlight box), you can use the center-alignment button, circled below:

Here is paragraph text that is center-aligned. It was made with the center-align button. Please note center-alignment is not recommended for paragraph text. Users find it much easier to read left-aligned text. Instead, create a highlight box to emphasize a section of your page.

Indenting Content

Use the 'indent' button to indent your text from the left margin:


This text is normal paragraph text.

This text is indented using the 'indent' button.

This text is indented using the 'indent' button twice.

You can also format content to be indented from both margins. First, copy and then paste in the entire paragraph below. Then paste your content inside it. Then delete the sample content. You can see that compared to this block of text that the next paragraph has bigger margins. This is an effect that you cannot achieve with the 'indent' button.

This paragraph is formatted to be indented on both margins: Cañada College is committed to preparing a highly skilled workforce for the new economy and has been recognized nationally for our efforts. Cañada provides a convenient way to fulfill your educational goals and offers short courses throughout each semester.