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Instructions for Editing Webpages in OmniUpdate

To update, edit, and maintain the Cañada College websites, we use a content management system called OmniUpdate Campus. To be able to edit webpages, you need to log in with the correct username and password for that particular site.

An easy way to add formatting to your content is to copy and paste any of the content on this tutorial site into OmniUpdate in Editing mode. Then highlight what you pasted and type in your content. You can retain the formatting that way. We do have some style constraints so that each website stays recognizable as a member of the Cañada College site.

 Login to OuCampus

Step # Detailed Instructions for Editing an Existing Page
1 Login to Omniupdate and click on the Content tab at the top of the page. Navigate to the correct folder. You will be sharing access with several other users. Please be sure to navigate to the correct folder and make changes only to pages that 'belong' to you!
2 Select your specific folder. You will now see the entire contents of your site.
3 In OmniUpdate, open the page you want to modify and Press Shift Key + click the Edit button to get into (WYSIWYG) "What you see is what you get" Editing mode. The interface changes to look something like a Word document with similar editing icons.
4 Make your changes and then click on the 'save' icon. 

If you need to make additional changes, Press Shift Key + click the 'Edit' button and you'll be taken back to the editing mode. If you are satisfied with your changes, click the 'Publish' button, another dialog box opens and you must click on 'Publish' again. This overwrites anything on the web and cannot be undone!


Before you log out make sure all the files you worked on are check back in. The light bolb should be turned off.