Carmen Zhou

Carmen Zhou has worked in the Office Administration field for 10 years. She realized it wasn’t her true calling and she wanted a career change. She has always been fascinated by interior design, so she took a leap of faith and graduated from the Interior Design program in Fall 2017. Throughout her 2 years at Cañada, she has received multiple scholarships, student life leadership recognitions, and was on the Dean’s honor list for both academic years. Carmen is currently on her post-completion practical training as an Design Assistant at a well-known luxury home furnishing company. 


 Carmen Zhou


Were you considering going to another community college in the area to student Interior Design before deciding to go to Cañada College? What made you decide on Cañada College?

Yes, I considered City College of San Francisco because I live in SF; however, I chose Cañada College despite the long commute because Cañada has a more comprehensive Interior Design Program.


What are some of your favorite showrooms in the Bay Area?

The Design Center in San Francisco and the surrounding design district.


What inspires you the most about Interior Design?

Being able to help client visualize their space and it’s potential. 


What did you love most about the Interior Design Departments at Cañada College?

The material room is very useful for student to utilize for projects.


What is next in your career?

I’m still exploring! I’m like a sponge now, trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as could with my current position. 


What advice would you give to current Interior Design students at Cañada College?

Go get an internship and start working in the field. Don’t be afraid to make mistake and ask many questions.