Truman Simpson

Truman Simpson is a Bay Area native who did odd jobs here and there while he was unsure about how to go about learning how to pursue his dream of making video games. He eventually ended up working at Sony in Foster City for several years until they closed the department he was working in. This was a catalyst for him to return to school, and finish his education. He leaned about Cañada College’s Digital Art & Animation Program and started taking classes right away. The day after he completed the 3D Animation and Videogame Art Program, he interviewed at Zynga, where has been working for the past 6 years.


Truman Simpson


What did you enjoy the most about the Digital Art & Animation Program at Cañada College?

I liked the format of the Digital Art & Animation program at Cañada College; it was organized a lot like the discipline breakdown in the studios I have worked in.


What advice would you give to students currently in the Digital Art & Animation Program at Cañada College?

The best advice I can give is to get to know your colleagues, I have had many opportunities through working with new and diverse groups of people.


What do you love the most about working in your industry?

I LOVE making games for a living, I genuinely am excited about the work that I am doing on a daily basis.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by working with talented artists and game makers, and I get to do BOTH every day.


What is next in your career?

I am currently working on a NEW IP (Intellectual Property) for a studio that was just acquired for millions of dollars. I am always looking for new challenges, and am excited for whatever the future holds. Mostly VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).