Ruby Rubio

Ruby Rubio is a Cañada College student majoring in Animal Psychology and minoring in Sociology. Ruby is involved at Cañada as a Student Ambassador in the Outreach program. As an Outreach student ambassador, Ruby’s responsibilities include guiding students in finding resources that will help them solve any academic, social, or personal problems. Ruby says, “as an Outreach team, we make sure to guide all students and help recruit prospective Cañada Middle College students.” Ruby is also a member of the Cañada Puente Project program, which focuses on developing counseling, mentoring, and tutoring workshops in order to support underrepresented students. Ruby exclaims, “Being part of the Cañada Puente Project program has motivated other students and myself to work diligently towards a Cañada degree and a 4-year institution transfer.”


Ruby Rubio


Ruby first became motivated to pursue employment at Cañada College because she has, “always wanted to work on school grounds and see the behind-the-scenes process of how Cañada programs come to be.” Ruby’s most enjoyable experience has been learning about the work-study program through Faye Soler, a Financial Aid Technician at Cañada, and joining the team. Ruby elates, “I plan to help as many students as possible and educate them about all the available resources at Cañada. Above all, I hope to make the college experience as easy as possible for other students.”Ruby’s current career ambitions include helping others as much as she can through the Cañada Outreach program. Ruby says, “Working at Outreach has opened my eyes to how much students rely on valuable Cañada resources. I am so happy to be a part of a support program for my fellow Cañada peers.” Ruby’s future career ambition is to become an Animal Behavior Specialist at an animal sanctuary. She has always loved animals since she was a kid, and knew that working with animals was her calling. Ruby says, “I want to preserve vital animal ecosystems and teach others how to nurture animal life wholeheartedly.”

The biggest challenge Ruby has faced during her academic endeavors has been online-learning. Ruby stresses, “This past year, not being able to help people in person and not being able to receive help in person has been difficult.” When it comes to education and work responsibilities, Ruby feels the lack of in-person interactions has been her biggest setback. Because everything shifted so suddenly, the lack of comfortability has been prevalent in Ruby’s life. Ruby says, “As people, we fail to realize how important human interaction is to our mental state. During this pandemic, it has become more evident that as a Cañada community we must work together to rebuild connections with people online, similar to in-person.”

Ruby attributes her academic success to, “everyone at Cañada that has helped me get to where I am now. Cañada College is a tight-knit community and I always feel comfortable asking for help. It is through these connections that I have been able to succeed and work towards higher education. Without the support from my professors, administrators, and bosses I would not be where I am today.”

Ruby advises students with similar goals to herself, to “be kind to yourself. College can be very stressful and challenging at times, so I profoundly suggest that students take as much time as they need to make sure they are mentally and physically well.” Ruby also recommends connecting with as many professors as possible, as connecting with these mentors will help you gain insight and build connections that will help you in the future.