Pisith Keo

Pisith Keo is a tech-savvy international student at Cañada College who aspires to become CEO of an innovative company that helps improve lives within the community. More specifically, Pisith aims to create a successful company which is focused on developing childhood education in developing countries. Pisith’s goal is to advance their technology and researching materials with low cost of production to give the youth better opportunities, education, and transferable skills. 


Pisith Keo


At Cañada College, Pisith is on the pathway of receiving his Transfer Associates of Science Degree in Business Management. He is tirelessly working to transfer to a four-year institution, so that he may complete his Business Management Bachelor’s Degree. Pisith plans on pursuing a Master of Business Administration Degree as well as continuing his several courses relating to Business Information Technology to stay informed with the latest software developments and technological machinery modernization. 


One of the biggest challenges Pisith faced during this educational journey was moving overseas from his home in Cambodia to the United States to pursue higher education. Pisith says, “After I graduated high school in Cambodia, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin my studies in the United States as an international student. I had to adjust to many things including weather, food, language and the cultural differences.” Pisith feels Cañada College wholeheartedly supported him during his college journey through comprehensive tutoring, complimentary groceries through SparkPoint, generous financial aid and nurturing counseling. One of Pisith’s best Cañada experiences was a counseling appointment where he had the opportunity to speak with a counselor who was previously an international student. This counseling appointment enabled Pisith to continue his studies and become part of a group on campus called the International Center’s Student Ambassadors. This was Pisith’s introduction to Cañada College leadership groups. 


Pisith is involved in the Cañada College Cambodian Club, where he empowers other students to cultivate a multicultural learning environment on campus. At Cañada, Pisith works as a Mental Health Peer Educator, where he informs other students about mental health and helps them manage challenges faced on and off campus. One of Pisith’s most valued positions includes being Senator at Large for the Business, Design and Workforce Division  in the Cañada College Student Government. Pisith says, “Through my many roles at Cañada I have had the wonderful privilege of attending campus wide events, meetings, and trainings that have given me a real world experience of the corporate aspects of a campus. This leadership experience has helped me better organize my plans for accessible education in developing countries.” 


Pisith hopes to continue building stronger friendships at Cañada College whilst he completes his Associate Degree and successfully transfers to his dream university. Pisith attributes his academic success to Cañada’s warm and supportive atmosphere. Not only did Cañada College provide Pisith with the tools for academic success, but they also provided him with a place to call home away from home. Pisith says, “Even though I am an international student, Cañada College  has made me feel comfortable, supported, and inspired to pursue my academic goals and become involved on campus.” Pisith advises incoming international students to celebrate, as they have picked the right college to pursue their dreams. Pisith says, “Cañada College is the perfect place to meet hard working individuals, so reach out to different departments and build meaningful connections. There is no better place to transform into the intelligent person you were always meant to be.”