Improve Your English and Reading Test Scores With Word Jam

Fri, 4 January, 2013 at 7:52 am
If you need help improving your placement test score in English or reading, register now for Word Jam.

Word Jam is a free, non-credit, one-week program that provides support to current and in-coming Cañada College students at all levels of English, Reading, and ESL. It will be held Monday through Friday, Jan. 7-11, from 9 a.m. to noon in Building 9.

Word Jam students work with Cañada faculty to practice college-level reading and writing strategies, learn the expectations of their specific English, Reading, or ESL courses, and become familiar with Cañada College resources.
“I participated in Word Jam, scored higher on the placement test, and I was able to skip the remedial classes and start in college-level English," said Christian Ayala, a former Word Jam participant. "Word Jam taught me some new skills and helped me remember some of the rules I learned in high school.”
During his initial placement test, Ayala did not qualify for English 100. But after participating in Word Jam, Ayala qualified for college-level English and was encouraged by Professor Lisa Palmer to take Honors English 100. Not only did he pass his Honors-level English course, but he earned an A in the class and found new confidence in his academic abilities.
To enroll in Word Jam, participants must be a current Cañada College student or an in-coming student who has completed the Cañada College application and taken the Placement Test. To sign up for Word Jam, email Julie Wilson at Include your: 1) name, 2) G-number, 3) contact information (phone & email), and 4) the results of your Cañada College Placement Test.
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