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Cañada Launches New Event Calendar

Tue, 12 October, 2021 at 9:54 am


Cañada College is excited to unveil its new public event calendar, and encourage the campus to start submitting their events!

This online calendar, being implemented at all three campuses and the district through a vendor called LiveWhale, will allow the campus community to more easily list their events for students and the public to see and find. Useful features of the new event calendar include:

  • Easier to navigate event submission form
  • More robust event details sections (so you can provide additional context/info on your events)
  • Online/virtual meeting locations (for events that are happening over Zoom)
  • Recurring event listings (for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly events)
  • Event type filters (so the user can more easily find relevant events)
  • Existing Google Calendars can be integrated into new LiveWhale calendars (Cañada Marketing can help to set these up)
  • Easier sharing (the links for copy/paste, Facebook, twitter, email or adding to outlook are all possible)



You can start submitting events now for inclusion on the event calendar via the online submission page, which is available on the front page of the calendar. Training on submitting events is not required, and we’ve created a submission page FAQ to help navigate the process (although it’s pretty self-explanatory!). For questions not addressed in the FAQ, please contact the Cañada College Marketing Department.


This is a new system, and as such, we’ll need to make improvements as we go along. We welcome your suggestions and feedback! Please send your feedback to the  Cañada College Marketing Department.


Please note that this new calendaring system is only for event listings and not for reserving an event or room. In order to book/reserve physical space for your event, you will still need to follow the current process.  Please use the Ad Astra space-booking tool for meeting requests that requires no set up or A/V needs.  If you would like to reserve a space or event that has setup or AV needs please contact Rachel Corrales at If your event is fully-virtual, you do not need to use Ad Astra. Additionally, Ad Astra reservations will not be connected to this new event calendar, so if you’d like your event to be listed on the public event calendar, please follow the process above.

The new calendar allows for more robust event listings and an easier-to-understand interface for anyone to enter events. We are especially excited for the improved user-experience this will provide for our students who are searching for Cañada College events.

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