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Honors Courses are for Everyone!

Wed, 1 August, 2012 at 12:00 pm
Did you know that Honors courses at Cañada College are open to everyone? This Fall, several new Honors courses will be offered, including a new Western Civilization course:

"From Optimism to Anxiety and Back Again: European Literature and History from the Early Modern Era to the Post-War World"

To enroll, you must be eligible for English 101 but there are no prerequisites necessary. Why should you enroll in Honors Learning Community HIST 101/ENGL 110?

  • Honors credit looks good on your transcript
  • You will get a taste of the kind of holistic, integrated liberal arts education that you can expect at a four-year university
  • Watching films, visiting museums, and attending concerts are all part of the curriculum
  • Knowing the history will make the literature easier to understand; reading the literature will make the history come to life
  • These high-level, demanding university-style courses will be challenging, but you will get the support you need to succeed
  • You do not have to be a part of the Honors Program to enroll in these courses

This honors learning community will cover topics that reflect the emotional, psychological, and cultural impact of historical trends and revolutions on actual human beings from the 1500s to today. Reading works of literature that explore these topics will allow students to assess the human experience in a particular period, through marker points, and during paradigm shifts. The courses will also present literary theory in the context of the historical and cultural circumstances that bring theory and literature into being.
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