Proactive Registration takes the Learning Center by Storm

Wed, 2 December, 2015 at 4:53 pm
Over the course of two days, nearly 400 students participated in Cañada’s Proactive Registration event on Wednesday, November 18th, from 8 am - 8 pm and Thursday, November 19th , from 8 am - 8 pm. Proactive Registration is an organized and deliberate effort by various campus departments and programs, dedicated to assisting continuing students enrolled in Basic Skills and ESL Level 4 and 5 courses with registering for Spring 2016 classes.  Students received “wrap around” support designed help them to select their classes for next semester, resolve any financial and other academic holds, and get connected to resources such as Math Jam, Word Jam, and the Textbook Loaning Collection (TLC) .

One participant stated…
This event was extremely helpful. Sometimes life gets in the way of getting things done so it’s helpful that teachers push students more by hosting events like this, they have no excuse not to register.  This is the first time in a long that I did this on time, not last minute. Thank you all!”

This event’s success is a result of the strong collaboration between Admission and Records, Financial Aid, Counseling, Welcome Center, Learning Center, Tutors, Bridge to Opportunities (BTO) Peer Mentors, STEM, Library Staff, International Programs, Academic Committee for Equity and Success (ACES), Expanding Student Opportunities (ESO) Grant, TRIO-SSS, A2B, and Basic Skills and ESL faculty.
Representatives from each department and program participated in planning meetings and provided critical input to developing the event. Staff and faculty who participated in the event shared that the Proactive Registration process was a great learning opportunity that helped to highlight the registration process and the challenges that students face when registering for their courses.  
“This is how you do it!” said Cathy Lipe, MESA Director. On the first day, they were able to register 70 students for the upcoming Math Jam.

The idea behind the Proactive Registration concept was first introduced by English/ESL faculty member Yolanda Valenzuela and other Basic Skills English professors in Spring 2015. The initial goal was to increase the enrollment of students in basic skills.  Last year, a total of 150 students were supported by that initial effort and has grown to approximately 400 in this second effort with 26 sections participating.

We are hoping to continue this successful practice every semester to increase student participation and enrollment and improve the student experience.   
The Learning Center will host one more  Proactive Registration event this fall on December 9th to December 10th to help students who still have not registered for their classes.

If you are interested in participating in the up and coming Proactive Registration next week  or would like more information about the next Proactive Registration event in the Spring, please contact Trish Guevarra at

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