Meet Our Allied Staff

Here is a list of staff members who will work with you confidentially!



Edith Flores

"My name is Edith Flores and I work at the Admissions and Records office at Cañada College and the way I support the dreamers is by helping them complete the form and processing the form. i’m very excited to be supporting the dreamers!".

mayra arellano

I can help you with: Applying to Cañada!

Mayra Arellano
 Nadya Sigona  

I can help you with: Counseling!

Nadya Sigona

"As part of the counseling team i can help you to develop a student a student educational plan a map that will guide you to accomplish your academic goals".


I can help you with: Counseling!

Sandra Mendez
(650) 381-3564

I can help you with: Counseling in Careers!

Ryan Chan (Daryan) 
(650) 306-3422


Gloria Darafshi 
(650) 306-3479
 kristen Parks  

Dreamers Club

Kristen Parks
(650) 381-3541

I can help you with: Enrolling in EOPS!

Jessica Boyle
(650) 381-3553 

I can help you with: Financial Aid

Yesenia Mercado

Learning Center

Front Desk

Legal Consultation

In the DREAM Center
Call for appointments: 650-381-3550

I can help you with: Library Resources!

Marie Valeras

I can help you with: Peer Support!

BTO Peer Mentorship


 Adolfo Leiva

I can help you with: SparkPoint Questions!

Adolfo Leiva

"Sparkpoint supports the dream center by proving an environment where students can access legal consultation access to public benefits financial literacy and overall support".