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Maps, Directions & Parking
Find Your Way to Cañada College and Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Apply to Patient Care Navigator program

  1. Complete the Patient Care Navigator Questionnaire
  2. Send your completed questionnaire to: or
    or Fax to (650) 325-8016, or drop it off at the Menlo Park Center in Room 54.
  3. Contact Martha Chavez at 650-325-0164 to confirm your application has been received and is complete.
  4. You must be a current student in the San Mateo Community College District with an active college ID/G number. If you have not attended one of the three colleges in our district go to: click on "Apply for Admission".
    If you have not attended classes in our district for the past two semesters you must reapply. Go to: click on "New and Former Students".
  5. You must complete the online Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGW) for the fiscal year that you are applying
  6. If you have not taken the college assessment tests in the last 24 months you must schedule it now. Go to: to schedule a test date on the main campus. Or call 650-325-0164 to schedule a testing time at the Menlo Park Center.

If you have questions please feel free to contact:

Martha Chavez
1200 O'Brien Drive
Room 54
Menlo Park, CA 94025

View our program brochure


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