Cañada Colts Women's Volleyball

 2018 Colt Volleyball Team Intro Video

Cañada Colts LogoThe women's volleyball program at Cañada College provides instruction not only for those student-athletes who are competing for Cañada in intercollegiate competition, but also other students interested in instruction in and conditioning for volleyball.

Players interested in volleyball at Cañada, please contact head coach Chris Tigno at

If you are interested in competing on the intercollegiate volleyball team, please also complete the questionnaire by following This Link.

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·      provide our student-athletes with top-notch instruction and resources to strengthen the student-athlete’s physical, mental, and emotional skills necessary to compete successfully in volleyball at the collegiate level; 

·      provide support and guidance to ensure that each student-athlete’s academic experience at Cañada can provide a strong foundation for her desired academic and/or professional goals beyond Cañada; 

·      create a team experience that provides a challenging yet rewarding outlet for the student-athlete’s passion for volleyball and that consistently reinforces the values of teamwork, accountability, commitment, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence;

 ·      assist and advise the student-athlete whose goal is continue her education and athletic competition after Cañada at a four-year university to prepare for and locate appropriate opportunities; and

·      consistent with our part in the role of Cañada as a community college, promote participation and training in the sport of volleyball at all levels in the local community and take a leadership role in efforts to improve access to quality volleyball instruction for youth of all economic backgrounds in the local community.