Transfer Day

Transfer Day is offered by Cañada College Transfer Center and provides opportunity for students to learn about 4-year colleges and universities, ask questions, and to explore their educational options.

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Zoom Link- Transfer Center

Transfer Day Flyer

Attention Students:

You may access the zoom rooms in the following ways:

 To review your  CSU and UC application by a counselor at Cañada College, and/or ask related questions,  join the Main Zoom room


The following is list of  sample questions that you may ask universities. 

Attention University Representatives:


Welcome to Virtual Transfer Day!

On this day you have the opportunities to meet with universities from:

You may connect and network with the university representatives during this fair and learn about their programs, services, financial aid and scholarships, and other opportunities that they may offer.  This will help you to evaluate and compare their offering with your needs and make an informative decision when you transfer whether it is this year or in the future .

University of California

Explore the UC System

Meet with Ambrosia Shapiro: Zoom Link - this requires students to sign-in before joining the Zoom

Email address:



Why UC Santa Cruz

Virtual Advising

Virtual Campus Tour

Majors Offered

Transfer Information

Additional Information:

 California State University

Explore the CSU System

Meet with Bridie Carinci: Zoom room

Email Address:


Meet with Alixzandria Williams: Zoom Link

Email address:



Why CSU Stanislaus

Virtual Campus Tour (coming soon)

Majors Offered

Transfer Information

Additional Information:


Independent California Colleges and Universities (Private)

Explore the ICCU


Out of State Universities