STEM University Visits


STEM University Virtual tours of four-year universities will be announced on our Science and Health canvas shell. Stay tuned!

During the tours, we will hear from admissions staff at the universities, explore student academic support programs and hear from Cañada alum about their experiences at the universities. All of our visits will take place over Zoom, so you can enjoy the tour from the comfort of your home!


We also use our Science and Health canvas shell as a hub to post all things STEM-related (announcements, events, workshops, etc). Admittance to our Science and Heath Canvas shell will be given when you declare your major in a STEM field. If you have not received your invite to our Canvas page, email Gonzalo Arrizon at



Rance Bobo (STEM Transfer Liaison)
Science and Technology - STEM Center
BLDG 09-257
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