Due to recent events, the Learning and STEM Centers will be providing Tutoring and EPIC in an online format using Zoom. Please follow the steps below to access tutoring.

Fall 2020 Tutoring and EPIC Hours starting August 24th
Monday - Thursday 10AM - 8PM
Fridays 10AM-2PM


During outside our service hours, you also have NetTutor available (located in LCTR 698 Canvas page)

  1. Please enroll in LCTR 698 through WebSmart (CRN# 96473).
  2. After you have enrolled, please send an email to canadaonlinetutoring@smccd.edu, please include your name and G-Number. We will make sure that you get access to tutoring as soon as possible. Stay close to your email. You will also be added to the LCTR 698 course so that you can access tutoring through Canvas.
  3. View our current Tutoring and EPIC Schedule below, so that you can attend at the correct time.

How Can A Tutor Help Me?

Tutors can help in a variety of ways and can make the material that seems impossible clear and manageable. Here are some things that tutors can assist you with:

  1. Clarifying Class Concepts
  2. Study Tips/Organization
  3. Exam Review
  4. Reviewing Missed Questions From Homework and/or Exams
  5. The Writing Process

Tutoring should not be used to do your homework. It is always better to try your homework on your own and do the best that you can with it, even if it is all wrong. A tutoring session will help you clarify the process to getting the correct answer, making the learning experience better for you the student. Tutors cannot help you with online exams. All exams must be taken by the student enrolled in the class.

How Do I Prepare For My Tutoring Session?

Preparation before a tutoring session makes time spent with a tutor more valuable. Here are some tips on how you can be prepared for your next tutoring session:

Be sure to bring all your materials. This includes your textbook, handouts, and any other study materials that are related to the assignment(s) for which your are looking assistance.

Attempt the assignment on your own. As stated before, tutoring session are not for completing homework, they are for gaining clarity on the work that you have completed. If you get it wrong the tutor is there to help you correct the mistakes so that you can then make the necessary corrections.


Our tutoring is FREE, one on one, and on a first come first serve basis (no appointment necessary). In order to give everyone an opportunity to meet with a tutor, sessions are limited to 30 minutes.

Want to host an online study group?
Click or copy link below during Learning Center Open Office Hours

(Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm) to connect: www.tinyurl.com/LChelpdesk

Learning and STEM Center Online Tutoring Schedule


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