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Name Description Deadline
National Center for Toxicological Research opportunities to participate in research on the biological effects of potentially toxic chemicals and the solutions to toxicology problems that have a major impact on human health and the environment. Majors -- biological sciences; chemistry; computer sciences; mathematics; medicine; toxicology; pharmacology; related scientific disciplines applications accepted year round .
MATE - Marine Advanced Technology Education Center - a focus on marine technology. All STEM majors
March 11
City of Hope Cancer Research Labs Internships for undergrads and high school students interested in biomedical research at a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
March 14
Indigenous America to Indigenous Borneo-Adventures in Biology and Biodiversity Spend your summer in Malaysia and Minnesota doing research.
Past participants: Aphrodite Kostakis
March 15
ARCHIMEDES Summer Research Program Applied ResearCH In ModEling and Data-Enabled Science Get experience using the fundamentals of mathematics to model, analyze and compute solutions to real-world problems.
March 15
Astronomy & Physics Research @ Texas A&M for community college students interested in physics and astronomy.
March 15
Biomed! Summer Multicultural Advanced Research Training (SMART) Program brings freshman and sophomores to the UNT Health Science Center campus to participate in a 10-week biomedical sciences project.
March 22
Google Summer of Code Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money!
March 25
Women coders Open Source Software Deadline Last year March 30
Prep Medico: UC Davis for students interested in becoming a physician and serving the Latino community. 2.85 GPA, completion of English 100 and Chem 210 or General Biology.
March 31
Dept of Energy - MEISPP Internships work at a Dept of Energy lab or other locations, 3.0 GPA, US Citizen, all STEM majors (and more) housing, travel, plus stipend.
March 31
NASA MUREP Tuition Scholarship plus Internship this program offers to pay your tuition and also $6000 for a summer internship at NASA. US citizens, 3.0 GPA most STEM majors .
March 31
Biology Research - Oklahoma and Turkey summer research in Turkey and Oklahoma .
Past accepted students: Aphrodite Kostakis
Deadline last year March 31
Mentorship - Latinos on the Fast Track Exxon/Mobile Mentor for Engineering Majors $1,000 for completing five mentoring sessions (online or via phone/email)! Opportunity to apply for paid summer internships. 3.5 GPA required
April 11
Math Program Internship – Valdes Math Institute (program sites at Stanford and Notre Dame de Namur) looking for students in Math 120 and above who want to spend the summer helping middle school students learn math (pay is $13.50/hour, full-time summer, plus you can work Math Jam too). They love finding students who struggled in middle school and are now in college! Apply online to get an interview
National Institutes of Health – Bridges to the Baccalaureate Biomedical Research Internship at SFSU STEM majors at Canada College, Skyline, CSM or SF City College who have an interest in biomedical fields – focused on Latino, African American, Native American and US Pacific Islander students. Get an application from Cathy - 9-251A Click for info about the Bridges Research Internship  
Microsoft - Explore Microsoft internship for students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering who have completed a CS course. Apply Now!
Lots of internships @ CalOpps your place to find internships in public agencies (great for Civil Engineers, all STEM majors, even some non-STEM opportunities). Apply on-line – some openings have deadlines others are open until filled. Some openings during the school year, many more openings will be posted for summer internships.
CHCI-United Health Foundation (UHF) Scholar Intern Program helps students (including DACA students) pursuing health-related careers receive scholarship funds as well as hands-on experience through a paid internship at a community-based health organization.
April 28
UCLA Community College Scholars 1-week summer experiences at UCLA plus one-day workshops during the year -- for community college students (open to all immigration status)
May 1
USDA jobs and internships offers summer internships
NASA – Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) commit to a one-semester relationship with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), including on-line projects followed by a 3 day experience during the fall semester held at a NASA center.
Past participants: Omar Arriaga, Sagar Singh, Marjorie Martinez, Jenna Murphy, Jeremy Morales, David Alvarez, Fernando Lorenzo and many Canada College STEM majors!
June 1 (for participation in the fall)
UC TRANSFERS – September one-week! - explore teaching with UCSC CalTeach for any STEM major transferring this fall (to any campus, not just UCSC) $450 stipend.
June 6
ScienceNet Huge searchable database of internships for science & engineering majors.
Pathways to SCIENCE For Undergraduates: Paid Summer 2015 Undergraduate Research Placements: Over 800 programs – REU, NASA and other paid summer research opportunities for undergrads 
For tips on applying and associated resources:
Ocean Sciences:
For opportunities in Engineering:
Math research opportunities  
Great way to learn about health care majors.  
Lots of opportunities for pre-health students  
Tons of summer programs for pre-health students  
INROADS INROADS is an organization that helps students get connected with internships in industry. Apply to INROADS and they will help match you with a summer internship.
PG&E search for jobs and apply online
AT&T student internships
Many Companies & Public Policy Internships – Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) & HSF too check out and apply for a wide variety of summer internships .
ENTRY POINT is a program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science. Students are matched with internships at IBM, NASA, Merck, Google, Lockheed Martin, CVS, NAVAIR, Pfizer, Infosys, Shell, Procter & Gamble and university science laboratories
NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships:  
IBM Click Career  
Facebook Intern opportunities.  
Kaiser Permanente  
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  
Student Jobs in the Federal Government Agencies  
PAST DEADLINES Plan ahead for next year! PAST DEADLINES
Code2040 - Software Development Internships CODE2040 brings Black and Latino/a students together for a life-changing summer fellowship. Your summer will consist of a well-paid software development internship with a top tech company, individual mentoring, a speaker series, workshops, coaching, and more. Come meet executives at tech powerhouses like Google and Facebook, pick the brains of partners at top venture firms, and get mentored by founders and senior engineers, all while coding at a top Silicon Valley company. November 1
Google - Engineering Practicum internship for students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering who have completed a CS course. November 10