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SparkPoint Implementation Grant

United Way Of The Bay Area SparkPoint Initiative

United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA) supported implementation of SparkPoint at Skyline College as part of a regional SparkPoint Initiative to locate a SparkPoint Center in each of the Bay Area counties. SparkPoint at Skyline College will provide a full spectrum of services that builds better careers with certificates and degrees, provides the services and resources needed to meet goals, and, finally, maximizes the impact of services by teaching participants financial skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

A key feature of the SparkPoint  model, which is based on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Center for Working Families  , is bundling of services. The rationale for bundling services is that a client who receives one service from a SparkPoint Center is more likely to achieve a major financial goal when that person utilizes a second service.

At SparkPoint Skyline College, service efforts include the following:

  • Increasing income capacity through certificates and degrees
  • Income Supports Services (Accessing public benefits and financial aid)
  • Financial Education and Coaching
  • Savings and Asset Development
  • Educational Counseling


Bundling services from these service efforts targets the following outcomes:

  • Achieve a self-sufficient income
  • Repair and build credit (Credit score over 650)
  • Build safety net savings of between 3-6 months of income
  • Reduce debt to income ratio to below 40% of monthly earnings.