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Cañada College is committed to being one of the premier Community College soccer programs in northern California with a long and rich tradition of success. We pride ourselves on the pursuit of excellence in the classroom while playing an attractive brand of soccer on the field. We expect student athletes to reach their full potential in both academics and athletics.

We are confident that you will grow as a person, student, and player during your time with us at Cañada College. We demand a high level of dedication from our players while providing you with all the tools you will need to succeed both on and off the field.

The program boasts its own soccer specific playing field, a 75 x 110 state of the art playing surface used for bolth trainings and match play. The immaculately kept facilities are some of the finest in Northern California.


Summer 2019

Fall 2019

  • VARS 154 Varsity Soccer
  • KINE 137 Student-Athlete Skills for Succes, First Year
  • KINE 138 Student-Athlete Skills for Succes, Second Year


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