Professional Learning Committee

The Cañada Professional Learning Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Meetings focus on developing, implementing, assessing, and updating the campus-wide Professional Learning Plan which involves:

  • Providing input and feedback on the Professional Learning Plan
  • Aligning the Professional Learning Plan and campus-wide activities with the Professional Learning Framework
  • Setting and assessing campus-wide professional learning goals
  • Determining campus-wide professional learning needs through a needs assessment
  • Planning themes and activities (including Flex Days) according to the campus-wide Professional Learning Framework, Plan, and employee needs
  • Evaluating professional development activities based on participant feedback
  • Collaborating with other on-campus professional development (ACES, Communities of Practice, Faculty Professional Development Committee, Classified Professional Development Work Group)
  • Identifying additional tasks and responsibilities related to professional development


Committee members include: 2 faculty, 2 staff, 2 ASCC representatives, 1 administrator (Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies). The committee structure was determined through Shared Governance, and members were appointed through their respective Senates (administrator appointed by the College Cabinet.)


Current members for 2019-20

Dave Meckler-Co-Chair, CIETL coordinator/Faculty Member

David Reed - Co-Chair, Dean, Academic Support and Learning Technologies Division

Vacant - Faculty Position

Alessandra Zanassi - Executive Assistant - Office of Instruction

Jacky Ip (CSEA/Classified Senate appointee)

Vacant - ASCC Student Representative



2019-2020 Meetings

September 10, 2019; 1-3pm, 3-117
October 8, 2019; 1-3pm, 3-117
November 12, 2019; 1-3pm, 3-117
December 10, 2019; 1-3pm, 3-117
February 11, 2020; 1-3pm, 3-117
March 10, 2020; 1-3pm, 3-117
April 14, 2020; 1-3pm, 3-117
May 12, 2020; 1-3pm, 3-117


2019-2020 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
Fall 2019  
September 10 Meeting Notes
October 8 Meeting Notes
November 12 Meeting Notes
Spring 2020  
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February 11  
March 10 Meeting notes
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