Gratitude and Appreciation Project (GAP)

Canada College with gratitude & appretiation

Maria Rosa Elosúa from the Psychology Department at the University of Madrid explains that “Gratitude can make our lives happier and more satisfying. When we feel gratitude, we benefit from a pleasing memory of a positive fact or even in our lives; we feel good and our life has meaning. Additionally, when we express our gratitude to others, we form a closer relationship with them and we make them feel better” (p. 116).

At this chaotic and stressful time of year, saying thank you to members of our campus community becomes an opportunity for us to center ourselves, take a deep breath, and focus on all of the positives that surround us. In an effort to help support students and one another, please take a moment to say thank you to a colleague, a student, an instructor, anyone at Cañada.



Messages will be emailed to recipients. Parts of messages will be displayed on message boards throughout campus (with identifying information removed).