Enrollment Strategy

Cañada College Strategic Enrollment Plan (approved by PBC 03/26/2014)

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Approval Process and Timeline (02/19/2014)

Strategic Enrollment Planning Forum and Virtual Forum Results (12/06/2013)

Enrollment Strategies Forum Invitation (11/05/2013)

Strategic Enrollment Planning Status (10/21/2013)

Strategic Enrollment Planning Forum Agenda (11/05/2013)

Data Driven Dialogue Questions

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1. Community:

(a) Community Needs Assessment (page 11-23)

2. Student Success and CCSSE Report:

(a) Canada Benchmarks and Goals

(b) CCSSE 2013 Benchmark Scores Report Main Survey

(c) Student Equity Plan Course Success by Division and by Ethnicity; By Discipline

(d) Transfer Velocity Report

(e) District Fact Book 2013 related to Student Achievement (page 22-24)

i Course Retention and Success

ii Degree/Certificate Awards

iii Transfer to UC and CSU

 3. Student Demographics:

(a) Educational Goals

(b) Highlights of Census Comparisons (Board Report No. 13-10-5c, page 85-89)

(c) District Fact Book 2013 related to Student Demographics (page 3-20)

i Student Demographics

ii Enrollment Residence by Cities

iii Placements Results

iv International Student headcounts

v Basic Skills Enrollment

vi Transfer Course Headcounts

vii CTE Course Headcounts

viii Distance Education

ix Concurrent Enrollment

x High School Graduates Enrollment by High School Districts in San Mateo County 

(d) Division/Discipline Enrollment Trend

4. Instructional Program Offerings and Labor Market

(a) District Fact Book 2013 related to Instructional Programs (page 45-50)

Instructional Program Offerings

(b) District Fact Book 2013 related to External Scan (page 59-78)

i High School Graduation Rate

ii High School Enrollment

iii High School Dropout Rate

iv High School English Learners

v API in San Mateo County High School Districts

vi San Mateo Population; Projected population Growth by Cities

vii Highest Ranked Occupations

viii Unemployment Rate

ix Household Income