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Data Dashboard Short Videos: (Under Construction)

  1. Access
  2. Enrollment Dashboard
  3. Course Retention and Success Dashboard
  4. Degrees/Certificates Awarded Dashboard
  5. Cohort Progression Dashboard
  6. Perisitence Dashboard
  7. Interactive Enrollment Dashboard 

 Data Dashboard Dictionary

1.   Data Dashboard Dictionary (12/22/2016)

2.   Enrollment (06/29/2016)

3.   Retention and Success

4.   Persistence


 Computer Rooms Available for Faculty/Staff for Data Dashboard

  • Building 18-115  (Dr. Janet Stringer)
  • Building 3-216  (Dr. David Johnson)
  • Building 13-101 (Heidi Diamond)
  • Library (Dr. Anniqua Rana)

All of the PC laptops in the library may be logged in using a generic faculty/staff profile. This profile can be used if a faculty/staff member wants to borrow one of our laptops and have the ability save to the desktop. While faculty/staff have to fill out the same laptop/tablet agreement form, we do allow faculty/staff to take the laptops outside of the library (unlike our students).


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