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Research Requests

Program Review of instructional programs, student services, and administrative services provides faculty, staff and administrators the opportunity to formally request research from the Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness.  These requests are made in the context of an analysis of program review so that the college research staff can prioritize requests and better understand how the research will be useful to improve program/service effectiveness.  The process for fulfilling research requests is as follows:

Early March

Research requests are compiled from annual Resource Requests and distributed to APC, IPC, and SSPC.

End of March

APC, IPC, and SSPC review the requests and recommend those to be funded based upon appropriate justification from program review.  Recommendations from the planning councils are sent to the PRIE.  Requestors are notified of any requests that are not recommended for funding.

Middle of April

PRIE personnel meet, as needed, with the requesting faculty/staff/administrator for additional information

End of April

PRIE prioritizes requests based upon available PRIE resources and the strategic alignment of the requests with institutional initiatives and plans.

Middle of May

PRIE provides requestors with feedback and a tentative timeline for completion.

End of May

When there is insufficient budget/personnel to fund all requests, the remaining costs are referred to PBC for augmentation of the proposed budget.

Early September

PRIE provides PBC with an annual report that summarizes the funded requests and identifies any un-funded needs.


Research Requests

2013-14 Requests

2012-13 Requests


Completed Requests

Reports can be found on the Research Reports section of the PRIE website