Welcome to the Office of Instruction!  Our primary role is to support the college's mission by ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds receive quality instruction in all areas of the college. This includes general education, transfer, career, and basic skills education. 

The Office of Instruction also provides leadership and support to all instructional programs at the college. There are three instructional divisions: 1. Business, Design, and Workforce, 2. Humanities and Social Sciences, 3. Science and Technology. In addition, the Office of Instruction also provides support for Athletics, Library, and the Learning Center.



The Office of Instruction will work hard to grow the programs and services offered to meet the needs of the our students, employers and our community. It is through collective thinking, faculty efforts, staff support, and community awareness that keeps our college strong. To learn more about growth here on campus and to view helpful data and information about enrollment decisions, please visit "Growth at Cañada.”


Office of the Vice President for Instruction

Dr. Tammy Robinson, Vice President of Instruction (650) 306-3353

Alessandra Zanassi, Executive Assistant (650) 306-3353

José F. Peña, Curriculum and Instructional Systems Specialist (650) 306-3400

Allison Hughes, Instructional Technologist (650) 306-3213

Julian Branch, Director, Workforce Development


Business, Design, and Workforce Division

Hyla Lacefield, Division Dean (650) 306-3158

Jonna Pounds, Division Assistant (650) 306-3201


Humanities and Social Sciences Division

James Carranza, Division Dean (650) 306-3350

Joan Murphy, Division Assistant (650) 306-3336

Gloria Peña, Office Assistant II (650) 306-3182


Science and Technology Division

Dr. Ameer Thompson, Division Dean (650) 306-3291

Krystal Martinez, Division Assistant (650) 306-3291

Dr. Ameer Thompson, Division Dean (650) 306-3291
Krystal Martinez, Division Assistant (650) 306-3291


Academic Support and Learning Technologies Division

David Reed, Division Dean (650) 306-3470

Jackie Ip, Division Assistant (650) 306-3366


Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance

Matthew Lee, Interim Division Dean (650) 306-3341

Jonna Pounds, Acting Division Assistant (650) 306-3201