Faculty Experts Guide

The faculty of Cañada College have expertise in literally hundreds of diverse fields. From early childhood education to community-based English tutoring, history, and interior design, faculty members at Cañada College are recognized for their academic excellence.

We have gathered brief outlines of the scholarly expertise of select faculty members and we encourage the news media to contact them directly with questions.



Lezlee Ware, Associate Professor of Political Science: Lezlee earned her Ph.D. in Political Science with a focus on urban politics and faith-based organizations from the University of Southern California. She received a master's degree from UCLA where she studied the confluence of Islam and politics in Nigeria. She can discuss the relationship between Islam and politics in Africa and the Middle-East. In addition, she can discuss how faith-based organizations in the United States influence public policy and the relationship between religion and politics in the U.S. Phone: 650-306-3441. E-mail: warel@smccd.edu


Patty Hall, Professor, Early Childhood Education: Patty's research interests include child development issues, early care and education including Universal Pre-School, careers in early childhood education, teacher preparation, and the implementation of high quality early care and education settings in San Mateo County. Phone: (650) 306-3115. E-mail: hallp@smccd.edu


Paul S. Roscelli, Professor of Economics, Accounting and Law: Paul's areas of emphasis include fiscal policy, trade policy, anti-trust economics and the economics of social issues. He has researched hiring policies, the use of race and gender in academic admissions, and curriculum as it relates to transfer, basic skills, and the workforce. Paul is also the advisor to the college's chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Phone: (650) 306-3414. E-mail: roscelli@smccd.edu


Monica Malamud, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish: Monica's expertise is in language acquisition, including both first and foreign language learning, as well as bilingualism. A native speaker of Spanish, Monica claims to be only trilingual, although she has studied six foreign languages so far. She was co-coordinator of the Language Arts Project at Cañada College, which focused on the linguistic factors that influence student success. She is involved in the community as an advocate for bilingual education. Phone: (650) 306-3442. E-mail: malamudm@smccd.edu


Ronda Chaney, Professor and Program Director, Fashion Design: Ronda can discuss the textile changes occurring in the global environment as well as fashion trends and the influences behind these trends. She has written one book and many articles on fashion design. Ronda works with students pursuing a career in the apparel industry. Phone: (650) 306-3370. E-mail: chaney@smccd.edu


Yolanda Valenzuela, Professor of English/Reading: Yolanda can discuss the instruction of English as a Second Language, post-secondary reading and composition, and Community Based English Teaching. She can also address Generation 1.5 Learners, and connecting reading curriculum into live theater. Phone: (650) 306-3206. E-mail: valenzuelay@smccd.edu


Susan E. Gangel, Associate Professor of English: Susan's research interests include creative writing across all cultures, new forms of text, contemporary American artists, and collaborative writing experiments. Phone: (650)-306-3378. E-mail: gangels@smccd.edu


Raymond M. Lapuz, Professor of Mathematics: Ray has been involved in teaching honors-level calculus and has developed a teaching style that uses group work, journals, technology, and the standard lecture. He worked on a committee to revamp the calculus curriculum at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Phone: (650) 306-3290. E-mail: lapuz@smccd.edu


Carol Rhodes, Associate Professor of Biology: Carol has conducted research on crop improvement using biotechnology.  She is experienced with several methods of genetic transformation of plants, including protoplasts, particle bombardment, electroporation, and Agrobacterium.  Carol's background also involved classical plant breeding, such that she understands many perspectives on issues of genetically modified foods. Phone: (650) 574-6628. E-mail: rhodesc@smccd.edu


Amelito Enriquez, Professor of Engineering and Mathematics: Amelito earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on fluid dynamics from the University of California, Irvine. His research interests include atmospheric turbulence, coastal upwelling, dynamics of air-sea interaction, computational fluid dynamics, and the use of technology in engineering education. Phone: 650-306-3261. E-mail: enriquez@smccd.edu.


Robert Lee, Assistant Professor of Sociology: Robert's research interests include the sociology of ethnicity, race, and nationalism with a focus on immigrant adaptation and integration in the United States. He has also researched topics related to social movements and East Asian development and culture. Phone: (650) 306-3438. Email: leero@smccd.edu.


Jessica Marshall, Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Jessica earned her BA degrees in Journalism, Photography, and Anthropology from CSU Sacramento. She received a master's degree in Visual Anthropology from the University of Kent, England. The focus of her thesis was on what the visual anthropologist can contribute to museum studies through a discussion of hair styles and identity of the Kwanyama people in Angola. Her interests include great basin prehistoric archaeology and visual culture.Phone: (650) 306-3311. Email: einhornj@smccd.edu.