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June 25, 2021 - August 18, 2021 

Online Program, Wednesday and Fridays Via Discord and Zoom


What is Unity?

Unity is a video game engine, the tools used to make exciting 2D and 3D video games by thousands of game studios worldwide. Unity allows for the development of computer games and other interactive 3D graphics applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, Apple, Android, and various gaming consoles. The gaming industry is booming and will continue to as long as new gaming technology is still developing. With the rise of gaming – both convention and in AR/VR mode, there is a rising demand for creative game lovers to work on building of virtual worlds – each one completely different from the other. 

Unity Developer Program at Cañada College


Cañada College Continuing Education is offering a Unity Video Game Programmer Certification Program, taught by Randy Angle, a life-long game design and software engineer. Students gain the fundamentals of the Unity Editor and how to make a 3D scene and bring it to life in your own games. Students will learn to make two 3D games (collecting game and shooting game) using C# and develop the skill necessary to use and develop games in the Unity tools. This program will prepare students with the foundational skills that a Unity Programmer needs to use C# to make 3D video games. Designed for Unity beginners, this course starts with the basics all the way through making two 3D games. Besides the skills learned in this class, students should be able to pass the Unity User: Programmer certification test.





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Student Requirements

  • Must have a computer capable of using the Unity tools, and decent internet access.

Minimum Requirements



Operating System Version

Windows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10, 64-bit versions only

High Sierra 10.13+


X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support

X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support (not the newer M1 chips) 

Graphics API

DX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs

Metal-capable Intel and AMD GPUs

Additional Requirements

Hardware vendor officially supported drivers

Apple officially supported drivers



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