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Student Equity Committee Archive 2012-2013

Mission statement for Cañada Committee for Student Equity:

Cañada College welcomes all students, cherishes their diversity, and supports them in achieving their personal, educational, and career goals in an environment of academic excellence.  As part of this commitment, the Committee for Student Equity will update the Cañada College Student Equity Plan in accordance with the California Code of Regulations Title 5, Section 54220, and will study, monitor, and make recommendations to appropriate college bodies regarding student equity issues and efforts.                             

2012-2013 Committee Members

Administration Representatives -
David Johnson (Co-Chair)
Robert Hood

Faculty Representatives  - 
David Clay (Co-Chair)
Hyla Lacefield

Director of Planning, Research, Student Success -

Classified Representatives -
Paul Gaskins
Jonathan MacSwain

Student Services Respresentative -
Maria Huning

Basic Skills Representative - 
Anniqua Rana

Workforce Development Representative -
Kay O'Neil

Student Representative - (one vacancy)
Jay Rojas

Administration Liason -
Linda hayes

2012-2013 Meetings

2/12/2013 agenda                   2/12/2013 minutes  
3/12/2013 agenda                  3/12/2013 minutes  
3/26/2013 agenda                  


The Civil Rights Project:  Policy Brief, Building Pathways to Transfer: Community Colleges that Break the Chain of Failure for Students of Color
        February 2012 Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA

Cañada College Student Equity Plan May, 2013

Completion and Equity Scorecard 2011-12   This is the data section of the Student Equity Plan

Center for Latino Policy Research University of California, Berkeley Research on Latinos in Education

Committee for Student Equity bylaws

Cañada College Student Equity Plan 2004-2005