The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle: Updates

Academic Senate Votes Approval of SLO Resolutions

Faculty campus-wide voted to approve 4 Resolutions pertaining to Student Learning Outcomes that were proposed by Doug Hirzel, Biology Professor and Accreditation CoChair.  The full text of the resolutions is available here.  The Resolutions affirm the primacy of faculty in the SLO process, support publication of SLOs to students, restate opposition to use of SLO achievement in faculty evaluations, and urge our District to work with ACCJC and faculty to agree on not using achievement of SLOs in teaching evaluations.

Program Learning Outcomes now part of Tracdat and College Catalog

All Programs now have their PLOs (reviewed March 11, 2012 on Flex Day) as part of the Program database in Tracdat.  In addition these PLOs will be published in the next College Catalog in Fall 2012.

Course SLOs results are reported directly into Tracdat.

Find out what information you need and how to do it in this document.

FAQs for Course SLO Assessment Cycle

This page has concise guidelines for continuing practice of SLOAC with courses.  Contact the canslo coordinator with further questions.