The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle: College SLOs, Basic Skills SLOs, and Workforce Program SLOs

SLOAC at Cañada College

College Student Learning Outcomes              

            Adopted 9/13/2007  Modified 2/2012

Students will achieve the following outcomes while pursuing their education at Cañada College:

1. Select, evaluate, and use information to engage in creative problem solving, investigate a point of view, support a conclusion, or engage in creative expression.

2. Use language to effectively convey an idea or set of facts, including the ability to use source material and evidence according to institutional and discipline standards.

3. Understand and intrepret various points of view that emerge from a diverse world of peoples and cultures.

4. Represent complex data in various mathematical forms (e.g., equations, graphs, diagrams, tables, and words) and analyze these data to make judgments and draw appropriate conclusions.

Basic Skills Student Learning Outcomes 

                     Adopted 2/09

1. Students can use the reading, writing, and computation skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses.
2. Students will create or refine a Student Educational Plan by identifying and assessing educational opportunities at Canada College.
3. Students can use the study skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses.


Workforce Development Programs -  Student Learning Outcomes 

         Adopted 1/15/09

Upon successful completion of a certificate, students will be able to:
1.  Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for the workforce level for which they have trained.
2.  Articulate major practices which professionals within the discipline share;
3.  Work independently and collaboratively within a team;
4.  Read, interpret and write discipline-specific technical information;
5.   Listen and communicate orally and in writing.