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Integrated Planning
Cañada College

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Integrating & Aligning Planning

Canada's Planning Framework

In December 2008 Canada College adopted a new shared-governance planning structure. The planning model constitutes the college's infrastructure for developing and vetting ideas, encouraging open & thoughtful reflection on important issues related to the college's mission and developing recommendations on programs and interventions for achieving strategic goals.  This document summarizes the process underlying the development of the framework.

New Geographic Data Tables to assist strategic planning and enrollment management.

The College Strategic Planning Process

In Spring 2011 the college launched into the first phase of its strategic planning cycle on a path toward the development of both a revised Strategic plan and a new College Educational Master Plan. The process will be lead by the College Planning Council with information support being provided by the Office of Planning, Research & Student Success.

Evidence and information supporting the Educational Master Plan and Strategic Planing processes:


Prioritizing Goals & Aligning Strategies

Planning Assessment

As part of the college's commitment to routinely evaluate it's decision making process, the Office of Planning, Research & Student Success developed a survey to capture feedback from faculty and staff regarding the openness and effectiveness of the college's shared governance processes. Here is a summary of the findings of the Spring 2010 survey.

The Planning & Research Office will be meeting with multiple planning bodies in Fall 2010 to facilitating a review of these finding, capture feedback on how to properly respond to them and map out the steps for implementing any changes or modifications identified by the college's various planning bodies. This survey is to be part of a broader set of routine assessments on the college's decision making processes and will be conducted (with possible modifications) every Spring.