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College Planning & Budgeting Council

2013 Planning & Budgeting Council Members

(Effective February 2013)

Academic Senate President or Vice President

Academic Senate

David Clay

Classified Senate President or Vice President


Jonna Pounds

AFT Representative


Lezlee Ware

CSEA Representative


Loretta Davis Rascon

IPC Representative


Patty (Dilko) Hall

SSPC Representative


Ruth Miller

Faculty Representatives - one from each of the three instructional divisions and one from student services

Academic Senate

Martin Partlan

Jenny Castello

Karen Olesen

Nancy Wolford

Part-time Faculty Representative at-large

Academic Senate

Sarah Harmon

Classified Staff Representative at-large


Rosalina Mira

ITS or Facilities Representative


Mike Tyler

ASCC Representatives (2)




Omar Blanco

Elizabeth Robles

Director of Planning, Research & Student Success



College Business Officer


Vickie Nunes



David Johnson



Linda Hayes



Robin Richards


College Planning Council Members (Sept-Dec 2012)

  • Academic Senate President - David Clay
  • Classified Senate President - Jonna Pounds
  • IPC Permanent Co-chair - Linda Hayes, Interim Vice President of Instruction
  • IPC Faculty Member - TBA
  • SSPC Permanent Co-chair - Robin Richards, Vice President Student Services
  • SSPC Classified Member - Joan Murphy
  • Adjunct or Full-time Faculty Representative at Large - Sarah Harmon
  • Classified Representative at Large - Rosalina Mira
  • Student Representative at Large - Kate Lam
  • Director of Planning, Research, and Student Success - Gregory Stoup
  • College President, Ex officio - Lawrence Buckley

2012-2013 Meetings

College Planning and Budgeting Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, in Building 2, Room 10.

Robert's Rules of Order

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Agendas Minutes
Also see iTunes U for video of meetings
  Minutes 5/16/12
Agenda 9/5/12 Minutes 9/5/12 & Accreditation Presentation
Agenda 9/19/12 Minutes 9/19/12
Agenda 10/3/12 | DRAFT Participatory Governance Manual Minutes 10/3/12
Agenda 11/7/12 (revised) Minutes 11/7/12
Agenda 12/5/12 | Final Draft Participatory Governance Manual Minutes 12/5/12
Agenda 12/19/12 Minutes 12/19/12
Planning & Budgeting Council:
Agenda 2/6/13 Minutes 2/6/13
Agenda 2/20/13 Minutes 2/20/13
Agenda 3/6/13 Minutes 3/6/13 | Mid Year Measure G Report for PBC
Agenda 3/20/13 Minutes 3/20/13
Agenda 4/17/13 Minutes 4/17/13
Agenda 5/1/13 Minutes 5/1/13

Measure G reports

Archive 1112

Archive 1011

Archive 0910

Archive 0809

Archive 0708

Archive 0607

Archive 0506

Archive 0405