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College Planning Council

2009 College Planning Council Members

  • Sarah Harmon, Adjunct or Full-time Faculty
  • Alicia Aguirre, Full-time Faculty, College Planning Council Co-chair
  • Martin Partlan, Academic Senate President
  • Margie Carrington, Classified Senate, College Planning Council Co-chair
  • Linda Allen, Classified Senate
  • Roberta Chock, Classified Senate Vice President
  • Gregory Stoup, Director of Planning, Research, and Student Success
  • Edgar Deloa, ASCC
  • Jun Jie Huang, ASCC
  • Darnell Spellman, ASCC
  • Thomas Mohr, College President, Ex officio

2008-2009 College Council Membership - through December 2008 (prior to resturcturing of the committee):

Academic Senate representatives - Sarah Harmon, Anniqua Rana, Co-chair, Romeo Garcia, Cathy Lipe, Mike Garcia, Ron Trugman; Classified Senate representatives - Margie Carrington, Co-chair, Joan Murphy, Linda Allen, Jonna Pounds, Sue Eftekhari, Katherine Reite; Student Senate representatives - Araceli Arias, Nancy Barragan, Jun Jie Huang, Darnell Spellman; Administration representatives - Linda Hayes, Katie Townsend-Merino; Ex officio - Tom Mohr, Martin Partlan

2008-2009 Meetings

Please note new location: College Council meetings are from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Building 13, Room 15.

Robert's Rules of Order


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Agendas Minutes
Agenda 9/4/08 Minutes 9/4/08
Agenda 9/18/08 Minutes 9//18/08
Agenda 10/16/08 Minutes 10/16/08
Agenda 11/6/08 Minutes 11/6/08
Agenda 11/20/08 Minutes 11/20/08
Agenda 12/4/08 Please Note: this meeting begins at 2pm. Minutes 12/4/08
Agenda 12/18/08 Planning Structure and Framework (adopted 12/18/08) | Minutes 12/18/08
Agenda 1/29/09 | Office of Planning Presentation on the Current State of College Accreditation: Flash or pdf format Minutes 1/29/09
Agenda 2/5/09 Minutes 2/5/09
Agenda 2/19/09 Minutes 2/19/09
Agenda 3/5/09 Minutes 3/5/09
Agenda 3/19/09 Minutes 3/19/09
Agenda 4/2/09 Minutes 4/2/09
Agenda 4/22/09 Joint CPC/Budget meeting Minutes 4/22/09
Agenda 5/7/09 Minutes 5/7/09
Agenda 5/21/09 Minutes 5/21/09
Agenda joint Budget and CPC meeting 7/8/09 | Presentation FY10 Budget Savings  

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