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Cañada College is committed to empowering students with basic skills needs by teaching them the necessary academic skills, counseling them about educational and career opportunities, and providing them with necessary academic support.

Program SLOs

  1. Students can use the reading, writing, and computation skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses
  2. Students will develop a Student Educational Plan by identifying and assessing educational opportunities at Canada College
  3. Students can use the study skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses

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Plan for Basic Skills 2013-2014

BSI Report 2012-2013

By-laws for Basic Skills Committee

Committee Membership

Agenda and Minutes

Basic Skills Site Chancellor's Office

All meetings in 9-154 (CIETL Center) third Tuesday of the month 3:00-4:30

Meetings 2011-2012

Agenda 8/23/11     Minutes 8/23/11

Agenda 9/20/11     Minutes 9/20/11

Agenda 10/18/11  

Agenda 11/15/11   Minutes 11/15/11

Agenda 1/24/12     Minutes 1/24/12

Agenda 2/21/12     Minutes 2/21/12

Agenda 3/20/12     Minutes 3/20/12

                            Minutes 3/27/12

Agenda 4/17/12     Minutes 4/17/12

Events 2010-2011

AgendasNotes from Meetings

Agenda 8/17/10

Minutes 8/17/10

Agenda 9/21/10

Minutes 9/21/10

Agenda 10/19/10

Minutes 10/19/10 

Agenda 11/16/10

Minutes 11/16/10

Agenda 1/25/11

Minutes 1/25/11

 Agenda 2/15/11

Minutes 2/15/11

 Agenda 3/15/11

Minutes 3/15/11

Agenda 4/19/11

 Agenda 5/17/11

Minutes 4/19/11  (Acceleration & Contextualization Summary and Bibliography)

Minutes 5/17/11    (Basic Skills Research 2011)


Important Links

Basic Skills Committee Documents

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Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges [or download the document pdf ]

Findings from Pilot Community Colleges [ pdf ]

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