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Academic Senate Archives 2005-2006

2005-2006 Governing Council:

Lezlee Ware, Martin Partlan, Dani Castillo, Patty Dilko, Jennifer Castello

The Academic Senate-Governing Council provides for the effective participation of faculty in governance and assumes primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic and professional standards.

A discussion board has been set up to promote discussion among the Cañada faculty about issues facing the Academic Senate.

The following documents are available in pdf format which requires that you have Adobe Reader©, available free from Adobe, installed on your computer.

Academic Senate Documents

Agendas 2005-06 Minutes 2005-06
Agenda 9/8/05 Draft Minutes 5/25/05
Agenda 9/22/05 Draft Minutes 9/8/05
Agenda 10/13/05 Draft Minutes 9/22/05
Agenda 10/27/05 Draft Minutes 10/27/05
Agenda 11/10/05 Draft Minutes 11/10/05
Agenda 12/8/05 | Vice Chancellor Position Description Draft Minutes 12/8/05
Agenda 1/26/06 Draft Minutes 1/26/06
Agenda 2/9/06 Minutes 2/9/06
Agenda 3/9/06 | Mutual Respect Policy draft | Planning and Budget Constitution | Class Size Resolution Minutes 3/9/06
Agenda 3/23/06 | eval ASCCC | eval SMCCD  
Agenda 4/6/06 | ASGC Bylaws Revision | ASGC Constitution Revision  
Agenda 5/11/06 | Online Wrap Up | Program Review Guidelines Manual1 (2)  


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