CIETL Instructional Design & Technology


Jane RiceJane Rice joined Cañada College in spring 2013 as Instructional Designer and Distance Education Coordinator. She works with faculty across the divisions to design instructional materials and activities for online learning and provides training to both faculty and staff on a variety of instructional technologies.

As the instructional designer at Cañada College, Jane works closely with CIETL to support its mission. She provides training on instructional design and technology on a one-on-one basis, as well as through workshops, brown bags, and division and program training events. Training topics include instructional technologies for both classroom and online learning, effective design of hybrid and online classes, and best practices in distance education.

Please check the CIETL Calendar for upcoming instructional technology workshops.

Contact Information

BLDG 09-355
Phone: (650) 306-3101

What kind of support can an instructional designer/technologist provide faculty?

  • Assist faculty in designing and developing methods for improving instruction with and without technology
  • Conduct training sessions for faculty and staff to learn how to use instructional media and technology
  • Assist faculty in designing effective online and hybrid courses, based on sound methodology and best practices
  • Provide one-on-one support for all faculty teaching online and/or hybrid courses.
  • Assist faculty and staff in creating digital media to support learning (e.g., visual aids for face-to-face, various multimedia for online learning)
  • Teach faculty and staff to create materials that are accessible to all students and educate the campus on the importance of accessible digital content
  • Research and evaluate the use of technologies and their impact on student learning outcomes
  • Evaluate new technologies to discover additional ways to enhance instruction