Honors Contract

Earn Honors Units in Any Transferable Course

Honors Contracts allow students to earn Honors credit while enrolled in a non-honors transferable course.   Essentially you turn a non-Honors course into an Honors course!   The Honors Contract proposal (developed collaboratively by the professor and student) outlines what you will do to earn Honors credit.  Most students pursue independent research related to course material.  To be valid, the proposal must be submitted by the deadline and approved by Honors Coordinator. 

A maximum of two Honors Contracts can be used toward the 15 required Honors units for HTP completion.  

Contracts in 695 Independent Study may NOT be used for UCLA TAP certification, however they do count toward Honors Transfer Program graduation and completion.  

Honors Research Seminar

Students pursuing an Honors Contract should plan on also taking the 1-unit Honors Research Seminar (IDST 150). IDST 150 will help guide you through the research process, complimenting and supporting the mentoring you receive from your Honors Contract professor. In IDST 150, you’ll be working with a cohort of other Honors students going through the same process. The 1-unit course is UC/CSU transferable and counts toward the 15 Honors units needed to complete the Honors Transfer Program. 

Honors Contract Application (2-Step Process)

  • Contract Application Proposal (Step 1 of 2)  Work with your professor to develop a one-paragraph proposal and submit here.  You are encouraged to include intermediary deadlines in your proposal submission.   The official proposal deadline is at the start of the 8th week of the semester, however you are encouraged to submit much earlier.  Ideally, start working with your professor during the first 2 weeks of the semester.  You may even want to engage with the professor prior to the start of the semester to ensure they are willing to mentor you. The proposal deadline for Spring 2022 is Monday, March 7, 2022.  (Notably, IDST 150 students will submit proposals as part of a class assignment several weeks prior to the offical deadline.  Thus, IDST 150 students will have more time to conduct their research... another reason to enroll in IDST 150!)

  • Honors Project Completion Form (Step 2 of 2)  Upon completion of your work, fill out this form and submit to your professor with your project.  After assessing your work, your professor will sign and forward me the form.  Due by the end of the semester.  Faculty and student signatures required.