Tips for Success, Growth, and Retention

Before every semester...


We need to be putting in a major effort to recruit students to enroll with us in every term. Full classes across the college is a very attainable goal.

This drive will be successful if everyone contributes.  Here’s what you can do to help with future semester enrollment:

  1. Provide direction to current students to enroll again and register for as many classes as they can fit into their schedule.  Students who focus on their learning are much more likely to succeed in their academic and career goals. Spring registration starts in just a few short weeks!
  2. Provide input on our marketing campaign to grow our enrollment for every term. In addition to emailing ideas to Jose Garcia and Gregory Anderson, we will also be organizing other face-to-face venues to share your great ideas.
  3. Help our students feel valued and nurtured by encouraging their engagement in academic support and student services.

We are confident that by working together, we will fill all our classes on our schedule.

Just as an early alert, please note that we will also be making major changes to the College Catalog as well.  Your input will also be essential in that discussion.