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Yolanda Valenzuela: Laying the groundwork for enrollment with our counselors

yolandaYolanda Valenzuela has been working relentlessly to promote her classes to her students. She has also worked closely with Cañada counselors to help promote her classes to the upcoming students. From handing out brochures to her passion for her subjects taught, efforts like this can certainly lead to growth in her department.

Every Tuesday and Thursday this past July, Yolanda was making presentations about her literature class, Lit. 372: Myth and Folklore of La Raza, and the Latin American and Latino/a Studies AA Degrees at the Cañada College Orientations for new students. She is there handing out flyers to both the students and the counselors in hopes of increasing her enrollment in Lit. 372.

Last fall, Yolanda gave 18 presentations in her classes for another Latin American literature class (Lit. 373: Latin American Literature in Translation) and the Latin American and Latino(a) Studies (LALS) degree and still had a small class in the spring. She has brought to the college's attention that a campus-wide recruiting, or marketing, plan must be the main solution to our decline in enrollment.

Part of her idea is to continue working with counselors and make them understand that our newly modified LALS AA Degree will be more accessible to students because classes will be on a logical rotation cycle and not be cancelled. Yolanda, along with professors Sarah Harmon and Allison Field, have spent a year and a half working with counselors in promoting the modified degree. Overall, their joint work with the counselors should be preserved for another year to solidify it and energetically use it as part of a larger recruitment plan.

Sometimes laying the groundwork, with little improvement at first, will help the structure flourish later on.

Thank you for all you do for Cañada College, Yolanda!