Proposal and Budget Development

The following resources are intended to provide insight and perspectives to the grant proposal and budget development process.  

The Grant Life Cycle  

Proposal Development Process Flow Chart


Steps in the Process

1. Identify needs and research issues.
2. Generate ideas to address needs.
3. Research funding sources to identify match between funder goals and College ideas to meet needs.
  • read all funding source guidelines, requirements, restrictions
  • check eligibility requirements
  • understand budget parameters
  • review post award reporting instructions
  • identify proposal deadlines

Grant Resources

Work with the Dean to go through the approval process and complete an Intent to Apply Form.

Grant Approval Process

Intent to Apply Form


Develop budget and proposal. Follow request for proposals (RFP) instructions.  Use the Guidelines for Developing a Budget which will help provide a framework for your budget. The Guidelines include commonly used accounting codes and a budget template.

Guidelines for Developing a Budget 
College Information for Federal Grant Applications (DUNS, Tax ID, Indirect)
College Overview and Student Characteristics

6. Work with the College Business Office early on in the development process to ensure the grant budget is realistic and your program/project is feasible. 

Complete the approval process by obtaining approval signatures on the Intent to Apply form.

Grant Approval Process
Intent to Apply Form

8.  Submit final grant proposal and budget to the College Business Office at least 5 days before the grant proposal deadline.
9. District Office submits proposal to funding agency.