Personnel and Hiring

When the Project Director begins to spend grant funds for hiring personnel, they must follow District Board Policies and Administrative Procedures. Forms and additional information can be found at the Human Resources link in the Downloads in the SMCCCD Portal.



Board Policy 3.15

Employment Requirements

Procedure 3.15.1
Employment Requirements: Identity Documentation, Freedom from Tuberculosis, and Fingerprinting

Procedure 3

Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies to Minimum Qualifications

Administrative Procedure 3.15.3

Faculty Hiring

Commonly Used Forms

Academic/Administrator Personnel Action Form

Short/Temporary Personnel Action Form

Classified Staff 

Policy 4.05
The Classified Service
Procedure 4.15
Employment Requirements
Procedure 4.15.1
4.15.1 Employment Requirements: Identity Documentation, Freedom from Tuberculosis, and Fingerprinting
Commonly Used Forms Classified Staff Personnel Action Form


Other Employees: Student Assistants, Classified Staff Substitutes, Short Term, and Non-Continuing

Board Policy 4.25 Employees Not Members of the Classified Service
Administrative Procedure 4.25.1 Employees Not Members of the Classified Service;
Administrative Procedure 4.25.2 Student Workers
Commonly Used Forms

Classified Short Term Temporary Personnel Requisition Form

Student Assistant Personnel Action Form

Student Assistant Employment Rules


Stipend vs. Salary

Stipend vs. Salary Guidelines

Stipend Request Form


Labor Distribution

Any changes in effort that require adjustments in labor distribution must be processed with a Personnel Action Form (PAF).

Labor distribution on permanent personnel is reviewed at least three times per year. It is reviewed during budget development in the spring, fall and spring semester after census by the Grant Administrator. If assignments change at any other time during the year, a PAF must be submitted ASAP to indicate that effort change.