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Current Peer Mentors

Yolanda Arreola
¡ESO! Adelante Peer Mentor

I am a mentor because when I started college I wish I had someone to help me navigate college life since I was an introvert and was always scared to ask for help. As a mentor, I don’t want anyone else to go through that difficulty.

STEM Major - English Tutor

Brittney Samora
¡ESO! Adelante Peer Mentor

I am a mentor because I want students that look like me to feel like they are capable of accomplishing their goals and obtaining a better future.


Maria Solis Vazquez
¡ESO! Adelante Peer Mentor

Hello everyone my name is Maria Solis Vazquez and I am the first generation eldest child of an Hispanic immigrant family. My parents do not know how to guide me when it comes to college. Due to some coincidental encounters I have been able to succeed. I am grateful for professors who have taken the time to sit down with me and help me understand what needs to get done. As well as the people in Promise who have always helped me when I have questions. Those people have helped me better understand the college system and with the knowledge they have given me, I hope to spread to others who need it. I look forward to helping my peers just as how the Cañada staff have helped me.

Educators Now Club, President

Mentor Alumni