Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be a student who is high potential and low resource?

  A: We consider students who are “low resource” as any of the following: BOG Waiver eligible/low-income; first in their family to attend college; have a learning or physical disability; and/or placed in a pre-transfer level course. 

Q: Do I need to attend COLTS Academy 1 and a Word or Math JAM to be a part of the ¡ESO! Adelante Program? 

A: ¡ESO! Adelante connects students to programs that improve outcomes. COLTS 1 will further your understanding of campus resources & academic programs, and increase your connections to fellow Cañadians. The JAMs will prepare you both academically and personally for a college level course. Participating in these opportunities will help you graduate and transfer on time.  

Q: I received a satisfactory placement for Math or English. Why would I need to go to a Jam?

  A: First year students find the transition into college coursework challenging. JAMs is a safe space that acclimates you into the college course environment. Not only does it prepare you academically, but you also have the opportunity to establish connections with other students whom will likely be your classmates in the future.  

Q: Do I have to attend both Math and Word JAM ? Do I need to attend both Day and Evening JAM sessions? 

A: This is up to you. Math and Word JAM take place in the same week and are both offered in the morning and evening. This gives students the option to take Math JAM in the morning and Word JAM in the evening, if they want to take both in the same week. Based on your experience with Math or English in high school and your future major, you should choose the JAM that fits you best. Feel free to contact us to help you decide. 

Q: I have work or other critical obligations and I am not able to attend the Welcome Event. Can I still participate in ¡ESO! Adelante during the year?

  A:  In order to “START STRONG,” you need to make time to engage in the opportunities that will set you up for success. It’s a short term investment for a long term gain. However, we understand that sometimes there are circumstances that are out of your control. If that is the case, please set up a 1:1 orientation with Ada Ocampo at

  Q: What if I do not choose to transfer to San Francisco State University, can I still be in ¡ ESO ! Adelante? 

A: In order to participate in this program students must intend to transfer to SFSU. If, after doing so, a student changes their mind they may leave the program. Part of the experience of the program includes receiving additional supports at SFSU.  We intend to support all Hispanic, high need, and high potential students regardless of their final transfer destination and we can direct them to other supports at Cañada.   

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For any questions, please contact Ada Ocampo (650) 381 - 3509. We are more than happy to connect with you!