The ¡ESO! Adelante Program creates a community of academic support for Latino, and high need, high potential, low resource students at Cañada and a transfer pathway to San Francisco State University (SFSU) through dedicated staff and peer mentors. This program has a partnership with SFSU and guarantees a supportive transfer experience. 

¡ESO! Adelante Program Goals

The Goals of the ¡ESO! Adelante Program fall in line with Cañada College’s Institutional goals, which are to “Start Strong, Finish Strong, and Stay Strong!”

Goal 1:  START STRONG—This portion of the Program is meant to improve and expand the existing ESO Peer Mentorship Program and increase participation in academic preparation programs and the use of academic services.  Cañada College will improve academic preparedness for entering students and utilization of academic support services.  (Examples: Math Jam/Word Jam, tutoring and supplemental instruction, intrusive workshops, Puente, EOPS, TRIO)

Goal 2:  STAY STRONG— This portion of the Program is meant to develop transfer pathways that include bi-institutional series of staff and faculty professional development and the development of a bi-institutional distance education hybrid transfer success course.  Cañada College will develop clearly defined transfer pathways and faculty and staff professional development.  (Example:  Professional development and bi-institutional transfer distance education upper-division bridge courses.)

Goal 3:  FINISH STRONG – This portion of the Program is our collaboration with San Francisco to help students make the transition to baccalaureate completion.

Program Components

Start Strong Stay Strong Finish Strong
  • Trained Peer Mentors
  • Guided enrollment into Support Services
  • Expected Participation in Academic Preparation Programs (COLTS, JAMS)
  • Opportunities to connect with SFSU
  • Enrollment in GE Pathways
  • Continue work with Peer Mentor
  • Transfer Prep Workshops
  • Visits to SFSU
  • Application Preparation Workshops
  • SFSU Transfer Success Course 
  • SFSU Peer Mentor
  • Support from ¡ESO! Adelante partnership program at SFSU


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