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At Cañada College it is important that our students build skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication, cultural awareness, and computational thinking during their educational journey on our campus. We believe these skills as essential for a well rounded education, and we have made it our goal to teach these skills to our students. We refer to these goals as College Learning Outcomes. You will use the Academics and Major/Program pages to post work that you believe demonstrates your mastery of the College Learning Outcomes and your Program Learning Outcomes.
You will upload "signature assignments" such as essays, reports, photos, or links to videos on Youtube.  Along with each example there is a place for you to reflect on your work and share how the assignments affected you, relate to each other, and to the program and college learning outcomes.

The purpose of a reflection is to demonstrate your knowledge and awareness of the relationship between the assignment and your own Learning Outcome. For each assignment you post as evidence, consider these questions in developing a comprehensive reflection.  Refer specifically to your assignment.  Develop and post your reflections about your work below your assignments. Consider referring to your assignments and to these questions in developing your reflections: 

  1. What did you do well?
  2. What were your challenges?
  3. What did you learn from completing the essay that can contribute to the successful achievement of your goals?
  4. What aspects of the project are you especially proud of? Explain.
  5. What processes led to the successful completion of your assignment.
  6. What problems did you encounter in completing the assignment? How did you resolve them?
  7. How would you improve the assignment if you had additional time and resources.
  8. What connections can you make between your completed assignment and the goals of your course?  
  9. What did you learn from the assignment that contributes to your personal, academic and career goals?


Getting Started

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 To learn more about what a good Reflection is, please read this flyer from Salt Lake City Community College - view pdf here