Personalize Your ePortfolio

Personalize the Welcome Page

Use the Welcome page to introduce you and your portfolio.  Welcome people to your site and share something about yourself, your background, your interests, and your goals. You can include a photo of yourself or of something significant to you if you choose. 


Personalize the Goals Page

Use the Goals page to share your academic goals and your life goals.  Use the following questions as a guide to get you started:What are your educational goals?

  1. How do your goals connect with the courses you are taking?
  2. How do the campus and community events in which you participate connect with your goals?
  3. How do they connect with the College Learning Outcomes?
  4. Where would you like to be in five years from now?


Personalize the Campus/Community Page

Use the Campus/Community page to document and reflect upon how your participation and involvement in activities on the campus and in the community complement and extend your learning in the classroom. 


Personalize the Resumé Page

Use the Resumé page to describe relevant work and volunteer history.


Customize the Site


Adding a New Tab

Additional tabs can be added to the horizontal navigation bar on the ePortfolio.  This can be helpful, for example, if you have multiple majors, you participate in the Honors Transfer Program, or you simply want to create a new page that showcases other works.  Learn more > 

Additional Customizations