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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: i have a Google Docs/Drive or Gmail account.  Can I use this to get into Google Sites?

Answer: No, those accounts cannot access our implementation of Google Sites.  You will need a my.smccd.edu email account.  You can request one via the ITS request center from the district portal.

Question: I don't understand how my.smccd.edu relates to Google Sites.  Can you please explain?

Answer:  All students are given a my.smccd.edu email address which allows them to access Google Docs, Gmail, and now, Google Sites.  It is the Google Sites component of My.smccd.edu that houses our ePortfolio system.

Question: I teach chemistry but some of my students are biology majors.  Should I ask them to create a chemistry ePortfolio or a biology one?

Answer: Students should use the template appropriate for their major course of study, the certificate or degree that they are pursuing.  The purpose of the ePortfolio is for students to show how they have met all the learning outcomes for the program of study in which they will graduate.

Question: Can assignments from classes outside of a student's major/program be included in an ePortfolio?

Answer: Absolutely, yes!  Students can use coursework from any of their college classes as evidence of how they have met either their Program Learning Outcomes, or the Institutional Learning Outcomes.