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 COLTS-CON is designed for NEW & RETURNING students, as well as potential STEM students, who will be taking classes in FALL.


August 4th-6th, 2020

9:00AM - 3:00PM



COLTS-CON is a FREE program designed to improve college skills and prepare new, continuing, and STEM students for their next semester at Cañada College. The program features various workshops designed to enrich each student’s college readiness whether they are in their first semester or their fourth semester.

The workshops are led by faculty and staff from programs across the campus, and each workshop will team up students that are taking similar classes with peer mentors that can share their own experiences and tips about how to navigate the challenges of community college.

The whole week is designed to build the skills and connections students need to have a rich, successful experience at Cañada college. 

At Colts-Con you can...

  • Meet new friends who will be taking the same classes as you!
  • Explore college life with fun, hands-on activities!
  • Build connections with faculty, staff, peer mentors, and supportive campus programs!
  • Learn how to pay for college, find support on campus, and learn skills to master your classes!

FREE Lunch provided to all registered attendees and an exciting TRIP!

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